September 30, 2011

Hairstyle And Makeup For The Wedding Day

 You may be wondering exactly for what kind of makeup styles you can apply for in your wedding day. We’re certain that you have a general idea and that you already picture yourself in a certain manner, but this isn’t the fact…. You only have to take into account the fact that you have to study with attention different styles and end up with a really gorgeous look, which is going to make the difference between you and other brides.

As we expected from the passing of the summer season to this fall season, we’ve renounced almost entirely to the eye makeup that has lots of colors in it- we remain only to use tones which are much or less intense, tones of brown, plum, sand or terracotta. Not alone, but accompanied with black or you can event go on the other side and use metallic tones, if you consider that this combination is too dull.

The makeup that can resist about 20 hours, even you have emotions and goose bumps, heat and dancing a lot- it can become a reality if you respect certain strict conditions.
Choosing only quality products, of which resistance you would test on your skin. Every skin is distinct and some substances contained by the cosmetic products behave in a different manner from a skin type to another.
Don’t omit visiting in due time your cosmetic person for making sure that you have a clean skin without any impurities or stuff like that, without dilated pores or even pimples. Even if makeup can fade these unpleasant aspects, they’re a sure source of excess sebum, which is going to make your skin stain or the makeup foundation to drip. Another problem that your makeup artist can’t find a solution for- relates to the instant remedies of treating the skin- especially if you had a summer with lots of tanning sessions and the treatments and hydrating masks need time for installing its effects.
Plan in such a manner your hairstyle session and your makeup one, so that it’s not necessary to pass under heat or to make your hair wavy with heating methods, because you’re going to have the body heated as well. The most indicated thing is to leave the makeup in the end, even before you get dressed. And also after a long distance as well.
Don’t forget about eye drops, if you have sensitive eyes, if you wear contact lens or you’re not used to makeup. A big enemy of the makeup is when you cry. You can’t find any solution to crying once you’ve started crying. For avoiding it, you have to concentrate on the indications of the makeup artist, which is going to tell you many things throughout the makeup session- close your eyes, open them and so on….