September 27, 2011

Natali Germanotta Poses For Teen Vogue show

Lady Gaga can say he was born this way, but we figured that was born looking a bit more like Natali Germanotta, his little sister. Natali Germanotta gets your own room for Teen Vogue show and looks very natural compared to its sister spectacular dress.
The 19-year-old will face uncovered except for some black eyeliner, her hair is what appears to be its original color and no nipple pastey or 12 inches from heel to view.
Not that opposes Natali Germanotta so crazy styles of dress. She told Teen Vogue that she was glad that her older sister came to his church in order to graduate from high school in a toned body, leotard and Bedazzled giant helmet, and black, noted: “She asked,” Did I dress very conservative and not look like me, or I do it over the top and everybody crazy? “And I was like, ‘The last, certainly the last.”
Although not as wild in the style (Natali Germanotta told the magazine, “some of the things she used I’d be like, ‘No, never,’”), Natali Germanotta loves fashion and is currently studying design at Parsons
In fact, as we saw last month, the two sisters are collaborating on a clothing line. We were skeptical at the news (another celebrity clothing line?). But after seeing Natali Germanotta sophisticated style at Teen Vogue, we are intrigued to see what happened artistic couple.Natali Germanotta