September 27, 2011

New York Fashion Week: New Rang of Alexander Wang

It has been a lot of sports references in the early days of fashion shows here. However, Alexander Wang is a designer who is new to the game. He has always been fascinated by the athleticism and speed, referring to the uniforms of football, baseball and fencing in previous collections.
This season, he turned his attention to the world of BMX and NASCAR, more literally, with elegant, color blocked dresses intarsia knitted slouchy sweater leggings that transformed action heroine’s models, some with floral helmets in hand.
However, besides picking up the collection, which had much to use, even for those who want to take life a bit slower, as a black and white print peplum jacket nylon botanical and shorts, windbreakers black taffeta and mesh pants with mesh pockets and white leather polo shirts with laser cut floral details.
A black bustier dive type mesh worn on the black and white botanical print pants sexy and fun, as well as perforated leather used tissues in the neck or head.
And the tribal patterns of pure visual appearance of the mini dresses and exhaustion sports jerseys actually were inspired by the stadium seating charts, Alexander Wang said backstage.
Rounding out the collection of leather bags was as big as the models of the books. I can not wait to see all the girls trying to cool the stock of those around next season.
Alexander Wang New york Week

Hayley Atwell has really admire London Fashion Week

Hayley Atwell says about London Fashion “fashion coming out”. British actress attended the parade on Sunday Mulberry alongside Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart, and says his first experience was a week an overwhelming fashion.
Hayley Atwell recently revealed she is willing to become involved in the area of ​​style, and is eager to learn more about the clothes. “It’s just something that makes me really got into,” he said in an interview with “I never get the chance to explore so much in my daily work, so this is sort of my fashion debut -. My way out I’m really having fun.”
Hayley Atwell explained his knowledge rookie when it comes to fashion. The star of 29 years of age, did not realize designers show their works a year in advance.
“I have a confession to make,” she said. “I did not realize that you work a year ago, I was watching the show thinking,” Wow, the colors are so beautiful and bright for the winter – the good, ‘I have until half way through until I realized that it was actually a summer collection for years.
“I loved everything, however, I was sitting two seats in front of Kate Moss – I did not realize it was her for a while, she was working on this aspect double denim and thought it was a journalist.”
Hayley Atwell would love to be the celebrity face of a known designer label. The beautiful star would consider a specific beauty brand everything. “God, I am absolutely certain that,” he said when asked if he would be a star of the campaign. “It would be the right brand, but maybe a beauty campaign -. Maybe something likes Lancôme”
Hayley Atwell  at London fashion Week

Silver fashion jewellery growing up

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silver fashion Jewellery

How to buy fashion Jewellery in economical price

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fashion jewellery 2011

Derek Lam Fashion Collection for 2012 At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Derek Lam offered his ultra-feminine, inspired spring collection 2012 in California today at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The collection includes a mix of glam, casual, feminine and edgy with a mixture of leather pencil skirts, bright colors, neon lights, and 70 coats inspired bold prints.
Knitwear, blouses, large pieces and is also a seat belt was “That 70s Show” vibe. “Always on my mind this morning Derek Lam – black sequined dress with large low square neck,” wrote Rumi Neely.
A layer of pink trench striking stole the show. Derek Lam had a silhouette of every day, clean and did ultra-feminine Derek Lam transformation has been known for execution.
The models also showed the clean and fresh environment of California with a minimum load of makeup and elegant lines, classic pony.
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011

Carolina Herrera spring collection for NY Fashion Week

Carolina Herrera, who seems to have a wrinkle in her skirt, not a hair out of place, has a fun side, too, and that’s what showed on the catwalk at Fashion Week in New York Monday show.
For Carolina Herrera Spring Collection, she embraced a cheerful canary print patent leather panels used for the belts of the false and opted for a final dress, a pleated skirt high gazer accounts and long term, both in the bright green grass.
(No Press / partners) – Spring fashion collection 2012 is inspired by Carolina Herrera Monday, September 12, 2011, during Fashion Week in New York.
Not that I dressed the models in the shops of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in anything that was not brilliant, elegant and uptown thoroughly, but Herrera’s like a little hair left.
His palette, heavy on the yellow and green, with a little blue and red, was inspired by the vintage Bakelite bangle bracelets.
Shirtdresses has large pockets, a delicate red cocktail dress was silk seersucker, and a gray-beige, one-shoulder evening gown fallen so low in the lower back was almost shocking. Someone like Renee Zellweger – who sat in the front row – could pull it off.
Model Veronica Webb did some “shopping” from his seat, said a team that pairs a green sweater and white color block pleated pants would be a “workhorse” for your wardrobe, like a red dress and gray geometric-shaped lace inserts. A yellow dress with caviar beading embroidery on a panel at the front would choose Veronica Webb for a night on the town.
Carolina Herrera is no way to make things too demanding, even when there is plenty to do. A black and blue dress was so soft and pretty as you’d expect of the designer, although it was covered with sharp-edged embroidery.
Making things look simple can be one of the hardest things to do, Carolina Herrera said backstage before the show. The results are worth it, though. Everything is in the “wonderful details.”
She added: “Fashion has to have the details and a way to make a very simple look effortless, which is what fashion should be: easy and fun.
Carolina Herrera collection 2011

Christian Siriano Spring 2012 New York Fashion Show

Christian Siriano Spring 2012 Fashion Show is cool, chic spring style dress with a change of perspective. There was a good play of subtle color palette and vivid even lime, coral, red, brown and white dresses and separates Notebook dramatic.
There was a large draw string pant leg silk bustier, skirt of organza, presenting a very casual luxury look for spring. Christian Siriano Spring 2012 Fashion Show started with plenty of models to walk on the track in the T-shirts and skirts paired with belt floor length maxi neon shades, white shirt with bags of paper, palazzo pants
The former Project Runway winner Christian Siriano is known for its feminine dresses adorned with ruffles and feathers, and this time too, did not disappoint, as they were sparkling cocktail dresses and massive, full tulle dresses made by the red carpet.
Like the clothes, the accessories were also chic. There were bags and shoes appears tortoiseshell with bursts of bright yellow sand, pale salmon pink and green that offers a preview of its next Payless collection.
Highlights of the collection includes silk maxi skirts combined with shirts, pants and silk blouses trimmed with green layer of acid and peach, with a yellow dress with the sleeve cap and crossed tulle bodice fell.
Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Joe Zee of Elle in the first row, Christian Siriano Spring 2012 fashion show again a packet with the collection of stars, very sleek and portable screen
Siriano Spring 2012

Natali Germanotta Poses For Teen Vogue show

Lady Gaga can say he was born this way, but we figured that was born looking a bit more like Natali Germanotta, his little sister. Natali Germanotta gets your own room for Teen Vogue show and looks very natural compared to its sister spectacular dress.
The 19-year-old will face uncovered except for some black eyeliner, her hair is what appears to be its original color and no nipple pastey or 12 inches from heel to view.
Not that opposes Natali Germanotta so crazy styles of dress. She told Teen Vogue that she was glad that her older sister came to his church in order to graduate from high school in a toned body, leotard and Bedazzled giant helmet, and black, noted: “She asked,” Did I dress very conservative and not look like me, or I do it over the top and everybody crazy? “And I was like, ‘The last, certainly the last.”
Although not as wild in the style (Natali Germanotta told the magazine, “some of the things she used I’d be like, ‘No, never,’”), Natali Germanotta loves fashion and is currently studying design at Parsons
In fact, as we saw last month, the two sisters are collaborating on a clothing line. We were skeptical at the news (another celebrity clothing line?). But after seeing Natali Germanotta sophisticated style at Teen Vogue, we are intrigued to see what happened artistic couple.Natali Germanotta

The Fashion Contest winner Katelyn Winkler

Katelyn Winkler, who is a senior at Robinson Secondary School, won first prize in the Fashion World, which took place August 13 at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ
Fashion designers from around the world had models wearing their designs, and awards were given to the best designers and top model. Katelyn Winkler was among 25 finalists for the competition model, where the first prize was $ 1,000 plus a modeling contract for one year with the modeling agency in New York Colby. Katelyn Winkler, who just turned 16, was one of the youngest finalists.
Katelyn Winkler is graduating from high school a full year early, with an advanced diploma and a current average of 4.1. Katelyn Winkler is in the Country Team Varsity Cross with letters in his first year in swimming, in addition to being in the Youth Olympics in years with you, and earned a second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2008.
As for future plans, Katelyn Winkler will be applying to colleges and universities in Virginia, with the intentions of the possibility of studying engineering, mathematics and science.
Katelyn Winkler

Two top American Model At fashion Week

America’s Next Top Model “has been criticized for not creating supermodels, but it does create the job!
Two former winners – Jaslene Gonzalez cycle 8 to cycle 12 Teyona Anderson – have already walked on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Jaslene Gonzalez put the lipstick and yellow sportswear for the fashion show of Origami, but the next night looked stunning in a black suit. Teyona Anderson walked by designer Kimberly Goldson during the “Project Runway” show.
Natasha Galkina, second behind Gonzalez cycle 8, also entered the “Project Runway” show. Tyra Banks would be proud!
Another former “Top Model” contestant has been so successful. Tyra together 14 fan favorite “All-Star” edition of “Top Model”, which debuted this fall. Check out their photos below:
And be sure to watch Tyra ridiculous, over the top of promotion for next season:
She is a drama queen!
Jaslene Gonzalez and Teyona Anderson

Victoria Beckham flat shoes for New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham ordered to wear flat shoes to New York Fashion Week recently after suffering a herniated disc. But hey, you’re Victoria Beckham; do you think she had to sacrifice his reputation for fashion by asking the opinion of some silly physical therapist?
Well, the answer is no. Victoria Beckham instead put that idea in the face of their new models New York Fashion Week; we were shocked to see Don Ballerina pumps Christian Louboutin style on the catwalk.
Fashion designer – he risked further injury in their usual footwear tower to see her spring line of 2012 broke out in the world. Victoria Beckham has recovered large bag and want to take a lot of orange and blue next year. The star also surprised us by pulling a hood out of the bag just somehow can not imagine Victoria Beckham hit the stores these numbers relaxed.
His new material appears on the report, however, for those with child figures are out of luck when such items as white and bronze racer back dress hits the frame.
We love how this beige coat gives fashion fans a pinch less curvaceous well in the waist area with a silver belt buckles.

Petty fashion for youngsters

Mode maître pour les jeunes

The world of showbiz has enamored youngsters for years. Now days, girls as young as 14 would want to make it big in the modeling world. They are willing to go through the grind to achieve unblemished looks and perfect bodies.
With stars in their eyes, teenage girls are pulling out all stops to get there. Ten-year-old Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau kicked up a storm in the world of fashion — she dressed provocatively for the cover of Vogue. Back home, evidence of a similar trend could be seen at the Bangalore Fashion Week and a ballet recital where young girls were dressed up in tight clothes and garish make-up.
As a fledgling teenager, Deepika Padukone had approached a designer to become a model. The designer asked her to come back after a few years. She did and there’s been no looking back. Question is, can everyone become a Deepika?
Parent Rashi Kukreja (name changed) says, “My daughter got into modeling when she was 15, against our wishes. She does it occasionally as she enjoys the attention.” Parents are a worried lot as they feel they have little control over technology and media, which influence teenage minds.
Adolescents can be seen aping fashion trends and insist on buying designer brands to flaunt in public. Many teenagers even attend fashion events, a practice frowned upon by many. Designer Manoviraj Khosla disapproves, “I think it’s quite sad, as teenagers really go over the top. They come across as spoilt brats who try hard to fit into a crowd. Such exposure is unnecessary at their age.”
Petty fashionMany in the fashion fraternity agree that it is a disturbing trend. Designer for Deepika, Govind says, “I see my neighbours’ teenage daughters, who are very conscious of their appearance — their tank tops and skirts have to be the ‘right’ length, shoes and nails have to be perfect. It’s ridiculous!” The obsession to look good does not always arise from a youngster’s psyche. Often, it’s the parents who egg their kids into the world of glamour and showbiz. A city-based designer, on the condition of anonymity, reveals, “Prominent actresses from our city have been pushed by their mothers when they were starting off as models. Such women are deeply involved in their daughters’ careers and plan meticulously.”
What impact does this leave on an adolescent’s mind? Sociology professor Rajesh says, “The glamour element and a lavish lifestyle sway teenagers who have impressionable minds and their values change. It’s not as controlled as earlier. Parents have a tough time dealing with their image obsessed teens.”

Summer colors bring cautious optimism to Copenhagen fashion week

Couleurs de l'été apportent un optimisme prudent à Copenhague Fashion Week

Pastel shades and cautious optimism stalked the catwalks at the Copenhagen Fashion Week that ended here Sunday.
As designers showcased collections for spring and summer 2012, industry professionals hoped consumer spending would pick up and propel growth in the fashion sector, which has been buffeted by recession.
“I think Danish and Scandinavian fashion has potential in a market with an economy like this,” said Eva Kruse, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week (CFW) and Director of the Danish Fashion Institute.
“That is because the prices are fairly low. You get a lot of brand value and original design for your money when buying Danish brands,” she told Xinhua.
Indeed, while avant-garde styles were displayed at CFW, many of the collections reflected the sharp, simple, value-for-money fashion that Nordic design is associated with.
In all, the week featured 39 runway shows, including nine designers exhibiting collections for the first time.
According to Kruse, the large number of newcomers sends a signal that, “designers are taking up the challenge of meeting the market” and is reflecting the optimism of an industry that is recovering after being
buffeted by the 2008 global financial crisis.
Among other typical offerings, flat pastels of pistachio, peach and beige marked the oversize jackets, tight shorts and trousers presented by designer Veronica B. Vallenes.
The trend continued in Trine Wackerhaus’s show which unveiled grey-tone cocktail dresses, flamingo-printed jumpsuits and more pastels in yellow, blue and pink.
Copenhagen fashion weekAccording to Iben Albinus Sabroe, Editor-in-Chief of Dansk Daily, the official CFW newspaper, the creations shown during the week add up to a “new sort of glamorous minimalism”.
“Minimalism still rules the fashion world. That doesn’t mean it’s dull,” she said in an editorial Friday.
However, it was considered a one-sided argument by some designers.
“Some of it is very experimental, some of it is very average,” said Berlin-based fashion designer Matise Garten-Bach.
“Scandinavian design for me is emotionally cool, minimal, reduced. But we do see other things here which surprise me. For example, we can see influences from England, Germany and France,” he told Xinhua.
Others believe the collections are engaging and wearable, but need to make more of an impact.
Danish fashion is all about wearable fashion, and I think we need to take that up one step: make it showpiece oriented,” said Mads, a freelance stylist from Denmark.
In fact, tulle and feathers helped spark life into the corsets, face-veils, evening dresses and bridal gowns presented at the ballerina-themed Trash Couture show.
And menswear designer Jean-Phillip provided contrast by presenting a predominantly black collection notable for its long, flowing cardigans, fitted trousers and the use of poplin, cashmere and linen.

Love These Looks A Week in Awesome Fashion Statements

Give these girls a round of applause! After a week of questionable fashion choices amongst celebrities, Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian and a select few others managed to step out in style, with fashion pieces that are sure to become the envy of women everywhere!
Click the pics to see which looks we absolutely loved this week and a few (hundred) more from this year! And if you need to get a better look at these women and their wardrobe, check out some more style-savvy photos after the jump!
We can’t get enough of Miranda Kerr sexy style! The new mom has been in Sydney, Australia doing what she does best, modeling! However, even off the runway Miranda kerr knows how to work the room. Proof in point, this little white dress she wore to designer David Jones’ after party on Wednesday.
Kim Kardashian touched down at JFK Airport in NYC on Thursday and was looking fresh and summery in a cropped jacket and cargo pants. She topped off the look that was a simple white tank and some fierce sunglasses.
Hats off to Katie Holmes! The actress celebrated National Dance Day at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif.over the weekend wearing the perfect summer headgear!

Kim Kardashian

The Top Animal and Bear Outfits for Holiday Season

Les animaux Haut et assortiments Ours pour la saison de vacances

The Top Animal and Bear Outfits for Holiday Season

Want to dressup just like Big Foot?  In thacase, why don’t you dressup like a Bear in a costume.  Fit the whole family in costumes like Care Bear Gang.  This would make a excellent photo opportunity or simply a great time along with good friends for Halloween or holidays.  Young children look sweet and cuddly if they dress up in bear clothes at Halloween, and thick fabric will keep the children comfortable.  Bear Outfits are actually popular for children.  Teddy bears costumes are great for babies and toddlers and, whatever else you do, remember to get their picture so you can remember the great time. All things considered, instances such as those you should cherish through out relive a few great ol days.
In the event your wanting something unique, consider the panda mascot outfits, they tend to be made up of a fluffy top and base faux fur outfit that includes a white and black suit that has prolonged sleeves and affixed paws with harmless soft claws, matching black pants, a pair of black footwear covers plus a character panda headpiece which has face like features that’s large enough to reveal the wearer’s face.  A Panda Bear mascot costume has got to be one of the most well-liked posh outfits that is utilized in many different events such as business deals. It’s actually not used by sports entertainment as often mainly because there aren’t many panda type sports clubs, but it’s a fantastic activity if you intend to wear it at half time performances or for theatre. There is creepy plus cheerful types of panda bear looks out there.An additional great halloween costume, but for children is the Winnie the Pooh costume.  Similar to that of a life-like bear which really likes sweets, this is exactly what can make him or her to become especially wonderful. This lovable Winnie Infant Bear halloween costume is made up of a jumpsuit tailored with a comfortable delicate luxurious yellow-colored material; a red-colored top with imprinted lettering that says “Pooh” with a included Winnie the Pooh character hood.  Supply him with a spoon of honey and they will be wanting to meet Tigger, Kanga, Eeyore, Lumpy, Roo, Piglet and, of course, Christopher Robin.
halloween 2011 
You can find several
different and unique categories of modern bears or Ursinae however the four species include the grizzly bear, the black bears, the brown bears and the polar bear. Then again, did you know that bears happen to be seen all around the globe excluding Australia, Africa and Antarctica?  The Koala Bear isn’t really included in this species, however it is a lot more related to the marsupial species.
Searching for the biggest collection of excellent bear mascot costumes at selling prices that are the least expensive around, shop online.  There are costumes vendors who focus bear clothes, that may include Panda bears, Polar bears, Koala bears, Teddy bears, Care bears, Oatmeal bears, life-like bear outfits. You can also get Adult and Plus Styles. You might additionally have halloween outfits exclusively purchased plus structured for your requirements. You could count on shipment within about within a few weeks on exclusive orders.
Being that many of us get in to the spirit of stuff, you may cheer for your most desired team as the good luck charm and also use a bears costume on Halloween night as the holidays commences for all kinds of excitement.

Men’s Fashion's Fashion

Men’s Fashion 2011

Men's Fashion 201

Basic Information about men’s fashion

Today, men have changed in such a fashion as women. On the occasions in advancing the males once was happy with the use of the best men’s clothing basics. Now is the change in pattern for men to watch as a model for girls. Men’s fashion is not just shirts and pants. Men’s is much more than the clothes easier. Men’s includes hairstyles fashion, clothes, shoes, etc. girls and men’s fashion is to make an apace each years. Not definitive fashion for long. The popularity of has grown for some reason last 20 years.
There are many men who watch fashion. Everyone should know about fashion. This article is for people who know about fashion for men. This article will provide some recommendations on men’s fashion.
First, you must choose a hairstyle that best suits your personality. One important part of fashion for men is hairstyle. Your hairstyle should suit the shape of your face and personality. If you are not positive what kind of hairstyle that suits you, you will be able to take a helping hand from a stylist. You will receive professional advice from salon hairstyles and hair colors.
You must put the right clothes for every occasion and every menswear for business purposes, you want to formal suits. Formal dresses should be of different types and colors. Formal dresses can also be used if you finish dinner with business associates. For casual dating, you will be able to put on casuals.
For all clothing that needs a great pair of shoes. Shoes are an important factor to end men’s fashion. When you buy sneakers, make sure you feel comfortable.
There are many online stores that deal in menswear. You to find men’s fashion that fit their wants and needs of all. You will get fashionable clothes for men corresponding to shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, etc.
Men's Fashion

fashion men 2011

Mens Watch: U-51 Golden Arrow

Personifying Italian chic, the U-51 Golden Arrow took the crowds at Baselworld by storm. A true statement piece, the Golden Arrow plays on the striking contrast between solid black and the bold luxury of gold.

The sandwich dial is comprised of a black enamel layer with cut out numerals to reveal the solid 18k gold disk shining out from beneath. This is accompanied by the bolts and crown protector which altogether add up to an impressive 36.6g of gold.

With both the striking richness of the gold and the sheer size of the watch, in both diameter and thickness, the Golden Arrow is a supremely confident watch that embodies U-BOAT’s Italian style.


Top Soigné with black screws, rhodium plated, automatic mechanical chronograph personalized to U-BOAT specifications for date display and stem to be positioned at 9 o’clock. Frequency 28.800 vibrations per hour,
4 Hz. Power reserve 44 hours. 25 jewels. Height 7 mm.

Hours, minutes, chronograph, counter small seconds at 3, counter 12 at 12, counter 30 minutes at 6. Date window at 9 o’clock.

AISI 316 plus stainless steel, with subsequent treatment of coating IP black, 51mm diameter. 59.60 mm diameter including external crownclutter. The bezel and the back of the case are locked together by external
tubing and a customized key that ensures absolute water-proofing.

Thickness: 19.60 mm. The winding crown is secured by an oversized protection device, positioned at 9 o’clock, fixed on the carrure. External tubing and screws, protection device of the winding crown,
chrono pushers frame and serial number plate in yellow gold 18K 2N.

By the way, there will be limited to 99 pieces worldwide, get one if you are affordable.

Mens Fashion Dress Code for this Fall

As everyone here should know, looking smart at work never went out of style.Whether you're in the boardroom or standing around the photocopy machine, how you dress always influence how people perceive you.

Here are a few "must dos and don'ts," that you should consider:-

  • Go for a clean, pressed and polished look.
  • Wear an undershirt to hide perspiration and chest hairs.
  • Wear a straight collar of medium length.
  • Suit sleeves should allow for a inch of the shirt cuff to be visible.
  • The tip of the tie should sit just above the belt buckle.
  • Stick to striped, solid, and small-patterned ties.
  • Don't wear socks that have holes in them or ones that have worn thin.
  • Shoes must be polished before each use.
  • Shoes and belt should match.
  • Stock your closet with a basic navy wool blazer, at least one (versatile) blue dress shirt, and a black leather oxford with 3-6 eyelets.
  • Tailor suits in arm and trouser length when needed.

So are you ready for Fall?

In summary, what you need to do is get a clean start, building up your wardrobe for this fall and all the functions that take place in your workplace and formal function. When you do this, you will find that you always have appropriate clothing for business, casual or even outdoor.

Best Dressed Male 2011

Thanks to the likes of David Beckham, men have started to care a lot more about how they look and most girls can confidently say that their boyfriend spends as much time if not more than her getting ready for a night out.

As annoying as it might be that they use all our hairspray, it is no chore to take a look at the men inspiring the male style revolutions of late. Here are our top five best-dressed males:

5. Brad Pitt had to be included in this list, although he can go from stylish to tramp in the growth of a beard. He can do old school Hollywood glam and scruffy unkempt grunge better than anyone, but it is when he slips on a Tom Ford tux we can’t help but immediately remember why we fell in love with him all those years ago.

4. Johnny Depp might always look like your bizarre art teacher from secondary school but he still manages to look devilishly handsome. He certainly has his very own unique sense of style, which is pleasant and endearing to observe in a man. There is something a little eccentric about Mr Depp and he looks effortlessly stylish on all occasions.

3. David Beckham has to be thrown in for good measure.If any Brit is worthy of flying the fashion flag it is without a shadow of a doubt that David is the man for the job. Of course it probably helps that he is off the scale of good looking but this is one man who looks like he has a personal stylist on 24-hour call. Keep an eye out for Romeo who is fast falling in his footsteps.

2. Henry Holland has a place on the list because, like Johnny Depp, he has a very distinctive style all of his own and that is what wins points in fashion. Being an independent thinker in fashion will make you stand out in the crowd. Henry and his quirky look just seems to work, he does grunge so well we almost feel like nerds just thinking about standing near him.

1. Tom Ford has to be our number one, the man oozes class and elegance, not something you see in many modern day men. He is consistently impeccably presented and he smoulders on the red carpet, a brilliant poster boy for his own brand.

If you're looking for stylish big men's clothes, then you should visit One Stop Plus where they have all of the latest trends you'll see on the above celebs.

Mens Fashion: Military Styles

What better way to blend in with nature, literally than with the military khaki camouflage. A visual decoy created for soldier trying to escape detection in forested surroundings, the testosterone-fuelled motif remains one of the fashion's best style allies and has been countless reinventions from fashion designers like Prada, Giorgio Armani and D&G.

For those who's not sure, camouflage print is surprisingly versatile and affords a pop of military coolness if worn with restraint. Wear with clean dark jeans, monochromatic black and white, beige khaki hues or even a pastel chambray blue shirt for a contemporary street-smart look.