September 27, 2011

Petty fashion for youngsters

Mode maître pour les jeunes

The world of showbiz has enamored youngsters for years. Now days, girls as young as 14 would want to make it big in the modeling world. They are willing to go through the grind to achieve unblemished looks and perfect bodies.
With stars in their eyes, teenage girls are pulling out all stops to get there. Ten-year-old Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau kicked up a storm in the world of fashion — she dressed provocatively for the cover of Vogue. Back home, evidence of a similar trend could be seen at the Bangalore Fashion Week and a ballet recital where young girls were dressed up in tight clothes and garish make-up.
As a fledgling teenager, Deepika Padukone had approached a designer to become a model. The designer asked her to come back after a few years. She did and there’s been no looking back. Question is, can everyone become a Deepika?
Parent Rashi Kukreja (name changed) says, “My daughter got into modeling when she was 15, against our wishes. She does it occasionally as she enjoys the attention.” Parents are a worried lot as they feel they have little control over technology and media, which influence teenage minds.
Adolescents can be seen aping fashion trends and insist on buying designer brands to flaunt in public. Many teenagers even attend fashion events, a practice frowned upon by many. Designer Manoviraj Khosla disapproves, “I think it’s quite sad, as teenagers really go over the top. They come across as spoilt brats who try hard to fit into a crowd. Such exposure is unnecessary at their age.”
Petty fashionMany in the fashion fraternity agree that it is a disturbing trend. Designer for Deepika, Govind says, “I see my neighbours’ teenage daughters, who are very conscious of their appearance — their tank tops and skirts have to be the ‘right’ length, shoes and nails have to be perfect. It’s ridiculous!” The obsession to look good does not always arise from a youngster’s psyche. Often, it’s the parents who egg their kids into the world of glamour and showbiz. A city-based designer, on the condition of anonymity, reveals, “Prominent actresses from our city have been pushed by their mothers when they were starting off as models. Such women are deeply involved in their daughters’ careers and plan meticulously.”
What impact does this leave on an adolescent’s mind? Sociology professor Rajesh says, “The glamour element and a lavish lifestyle sway teenagers who have impressionable minds and their values change. It’s not as controlled as earlier. Parents have a tough time dealing with their image obsessed teens.”