October 1, 2011

What's New: Advances in Body Skin Care

Experts describe the latest products in body skin care -- from moisturizing cleansers to antiperspirants.
Do you know what your largest organ is? It's the skin that covers your body. There's roughly 22 square feet of it, the majority of which is on your torso and limbs. That calls for a lot of skin care. And the fact that your body naturally gets drier as you age doesn't make it any easier, especially if you have skin that tends to flake.
Fortunately, recent advances in the science of cosmetics have resulted in skin care products designed for both men and women that can help you keep your skin healthy and smooth to the touch.

The Power of Moisturizing Body Cleansers and Scrubs

Cleansing with bar soaps is still the most popular way to wash the body. But most bar soaps contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which strips away natural oils from the skin. (Some organic soaps, and brands such as Burt's Bees and Dove do not.)
How do you balance cleanliness with smooth skin?
In recent years, companies have created moisturizing soaps that moisturize your skin as you wash. These soaps and cleansers work by using emollients and humectants, such as hyaluronic acid, an essential nutrient that helps retain water in the skin's lipid layers.
Some soaps and cleansers contain sustained-release ceramides -- skin lipids -- to help keep the skin moist and ease the dryness of eczema. In addition, some cleansers contain crushed diamond powder to make the skin feel silky.
Because men have thicker, oilier skin, companies have formulated special body cleansers for men that produce more lather and are less moisturizing than women's or unisex versions. There is also a new, three-in-one body wash for men that cleanses the body and hair and lathers the beard.

A New Look at Body Polishing

Body polishing isn't new. For years, women have used exfoliating scrubs. But a lot of people are just now discovering its benefits. That may be in part due to the expanding variety of body-polishing products that are available.
Before skin can grow new cells, dead cells need to be removed. Body polishers contain granular or chemical exfoliants that slough off dead skin cells. These exfoliants such as sea salt or sugar are mixed with a vegetable oil that keeps the skin moist.

Body Moisturizing Creams and Lotions Rejuvenate Skin

Both men and women get dry skin and have a need for body moisturizing creams or lotions. Moisturizers and creams made for the face may be used on the neck and the thin skin of the décolleté.
But to treat dry, rough skin on your torso and limbs, you need a moisturizing cream or lotion that is specially formulated for use on the body. Especially in winter, when skin on your legs, arms, and torso may become drier and itchy. Experts say that analyzing the condition of your skin and asking for recommendations from a dermatologist before buying a body lotion will help ensure that you find the right one