September 26, 2011

Chinese '80s things hot on Paris's T platform

Hermes sweater [Photo/]

Bagigia's hot water bottle backpack [Photo/]

LV bag [Photo/Agencies]

CK shoes [Photo/Agencies]


The post-'80s generation who want to be fashionable should go home and thank their mothers, after some high-end French brands have released their latest designs.
A Hermes sweater in the 2011 autumn/winter collection has attracted many Chinese netizens' attention in recent days. The sweater looks similar to a style popular in China in the 1980s, when people used to wear sweaters they knit themselves, or by their wives or mothers. However, the cost is not only double or triple of the home-made sweaters. The sweater is priced at more than 30,000 yuan.
Another hot accessory is a bag – with the look of hot water bottles. Invented by Croatian inventor Eduard Penkala, modern hot water bottles were widely used in China in the 1980s when most families didn't have central heating. Italian brand Bagigia's hot water bottle backpack has exactly the same appearance of the hot water bottle that most post-'80s in China have used in the past, and that some still use now. The bag is more than 3,000 yuan.
Shelley's view: Many people may still remember the LV bag designed by Marc Jacobs that looks like a polypropylene knitted bag. Some may also know the CK shoes which resemble China's traditional multi-layered cloth shoes. Are they becoming fashionable with a LV or CK logo? What is true fashion in the world? For electronic product fans, Steve Jobs is fashion. For Harry Potter fans, J.K.Rowling is fashion. For fashion fans, Alexander McQueen is fashion. For me, the item that is most suitable for me is fashion. Fashion is not to follow, it is to create. No matter the clothes, accessories or whatever you use, never try to copy others. Only those who create can lead the fashion.