September 26, 2011

Luxury on show at expo of top brands in Milan

MILAN, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- A global exhibition of top luxury brands kicked off on Wednesday, being hosted in the renowned Milan Triennale Design Museum.
The exhibition marks the 25th anniversary of leading Italian media group Class Editori, famous for its financial news, lifestyle and luxury goods publications.
"The word luxury generally stands for fashion and design, but it is indeed a lifestyle, a 360-degree experience," Paolo Panerai, the founder and CEO of Class Editori, told Xinhua.
"Primitive man back in the day was looking for the most beautiful seashell. Over time, luxury has evolved," he added.
More than 200 international brands are on display in an area of 1,500 square meters. "The interactive exhibition helps visitors experience luxury not only by learning the history and evolution of top brands but also what they symbolise," Panerai said.
In 12 rooms, luxury items from the world of fashion, design, technology, food and travel are showcased, including Italian brands such as Armani and international labels such as China's Shanghai Tang.
Visitors can explore the exhibition virtually, using tablets and multimedia screens decorated as traditional Venetian masks which stand at an entrance.
There is also a "Peter Pan island" that focuses on eco-friendly luxury, featuring among other things a Fiat car that is green on the outside and inside.
China, with its stellar economic growth, is one of the most important luxury goods markets, say organisers.
"This is not only due to China's rapid economic development, but also its rich culture and history which makes its resplendent with art and beauty," Panerai said.
The exhibition will run till October 2, after which Shanghai and New York will host the event.